3 Dependable Lead Generation Tricks That Will Get You More Sales

Using these foolproof lead generation strategies works all the time.

But is it possible to make more sales without getting new customers?

Yes, it is. Although it is not sustainable for long-term growth.

And such is the case of businesses lacking new streams of clients; the ones who have not yet mastered the art of generating sales qualified leads. And by the way, a lead is a person who has indicated interest in your company’s product or services.

Hence, lead generation is the act of getting your targets to ‘raise their hands’ as an indication of interest to something valuable your company has to offer. That is, offering something like a ‘how-to’ information, a coupon code, free trial or something irresistible to bait interested persons.

However, lead generation can be done in two ways, which is either to find and reach out to your prospects or to let your prospects find and reach out to you.

For sure, both means are effective in their own way but one is more effective than the other, according to what American leading copywriter and marketing consultant Bob Bly calls the Silver rule of marketing and selling.

The silver rule of marketing states that…

“It is better to get (prospects) to come to you than to have YOU go to THEM.”

By that Bob Bly meant that lead generation should be done with the types of marketing that establishes your authority, which therefore helps attract leads to you.

For instance, imagine speaking at an event attended by your prospective clients or being a guest on a podcast targeted at your prospects in comparison to cold calling strangers.

Clearly, the former will generate and convert more leads for you than the latter.

That is to say, instead of cold calling or cold emailing, you can use other forms of marketing like webinars, advertising, e-newsletters, landing pages and the social media.

Having said that…

What about the Silver Rule?

Well, it does have a huge advantage.

I mean, the benefit of using the silver rule of marketing is that it puts you in a position of strength in negotiation. It also helps you build strong client relations because your prospects acknowledged your expertise and came to you; not the other way round.

However, regardless of the mode of marketing that you adopt, you will attract more customers and increase revenue with these 3 dependable lead generation tricks.

1. Use the Power of Free

Let’s face it.

FREE is unarguably the most commonly used words in marketing; yet, it has not lost its powerful grip on human species.

I bet you’ve also noticed how almost every promotion these days have something free to offer — or haven’t you?

Well, the reason is that it works. In fact, a research experiment conducted by Dan Ariely in his book, Predictably Irrational, attest to the power of free.

Recently, I read a case study where a medical ad agency split-tested a promotion to invite doctors to a seminar. They used direct mail to send straightforward invitations and created another version that had a free gift — a pocket day planner — as an incentive to attend the event.

In the end, the invitation that included the free gift generated 6 times the response than the invitation that didn’t offer a free gift.

And it didn’t matter to these doctors that the pocket day planner only costs $1 — as long as it was free — the offer was more compelling.

In his book, “How to Turn Words into Money,” millionaire entrepreneur and master direct marketer Ted Nicholas discussed the power of free at length.

Where he said, “I’ve never sold anything that didn’t sell better after offering free bonuses and gifts,”…

“Free is the most powerful word in the English language. If you’re not using gifts and bonuses in your marketing operations now, your sales in many cases will go up 2, 3, and 4 times.”

With that said, please note that giving FREE gift or bonuses will not make up for not having a powerful benefit, a unique selling proposition or a masterfully written promotion.

But once you have those things, use the power of free.

2. Make an Irresistible Offer

Oftentimes what causes the failure of lead generation campaigns is the lack of a mouthwatering offer.

When you make irresistible offers, your conversion rate will rise and you will get enough enquiries and orders.

So how do you create compelling offers that your leads will want right now?

First, your offer must have a high perceived value, that is your lead must believe that whatever you offer is of high value.

For it to convert optimally, your offer must also be unique. If you offer the common things, your lead or potential customer would rather pass on it, so ensure your offer is relevant and different from the norm.

Nevertheless, it must be desirable to your target. That is, they must want it or rather it must be something useful to them.

3. Ask for an Action

Since the goal of every lead generation campaign is to generate inquiries and orders, it is essential to show or tell your prospects what to do to take up your offer, whether it is to subscribe or call your office and so on.

Call-to-action (CTA) as marketers call it increases your chance of converting your lead because, without it, your campaign lacks the push required to motivate sales qualified leads.

With that said, however, if after creating an irresistible offer and using the power of free, your campaign lacks a clear call-to-action; your conversion rate will be affected, thereby limiting the success of your lead generation campaign.

But if you follow these 3 dependable tricks, your lead generation campaign will succeed and you will make more sales.

Originally published at lanrepeterwrites.com on April 25, 2018.

Lanre Peter is a freelance copywriter and digital marketing consultant at www.lanrepeterwrites.com (LPW)